Friday, May 27, 2016


Scientists are now convinced that there's trillions of civilisations, just in the Milky Way galaxy....

Not surprising. If the Milky Way is a football field 70 million miles long, the earth is just a grain of salt.

So if we sit and pass a judgement on the Milky Way, saying there's no living creature out there, it is the same as a molecule of a grain of salt passing a judgement on a football field that is 70 million miles long.....

And the Milky Way itself is just a grain of salt, on a bigger canvas. So what exactly are we judging? Do we even know what we are judging, by saying there's no life out there in the Universe?

Back in the 1990s, I saw a movie about a highly evolved alien humanoid race.

These humanoids had come to earth on a peaceful, clandestine mission, and were indistinguishable from earth humans biologically.

Except that mentally, they were much bigger, much vaster....their mental stature was like a 100 foot tall human, their minds were vaster and had more dimensions to them than we can possibly fathom.

It is difficult to express in words, the representations in that movie. The work of a genius. Whoever conceptualised that movie knew what he was talking about. I will update this blog entry with the name of the movie as soon as I can remember it.

But -- imagine a human who can see a given situation from 10 different intellectual points of view. Or 100 different intellectual points of view.

I believe, and with no half baked reasoning, that is very possible for such humans to exist out there. And for us to say no is frog in the well thinking.

An interesting song which tries to comprehend "GOD"...

Friday, May 13, 2016

Ancient Knowledge

Says it All.

Sunday, April 24, 2016

Its Not about fitting in