Sunday, March 22, 2015

Overcoming Negative Spirals

A very interesting conversation between Teal Swan and husband Sardeep on the subject of negative spirals.

Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Sadhguru on the larger perspective

"We have lost perspective of who we are, what we are...our psychological realities have become bigger than the cosmic reality....this is an immense existential's time we step out of the cinema playing in our minds.. if your petty psychological creation becomes larger than the cosmic is a problem.."

"In this vast cosmos, the solar system is just a speck...tomorrow morning if the solar system disappears, vanishes, evaporates, nobody will even notice it, maybe it is not even in the account books of this speck of the solar system planet earth is a super speck..."

Sunday, February 01, 2015

Gentle Pointers To The Truth (Gina Lake)

12:00 1) How do my thoughts feel?
2) HOw do my desires feel?
3) Where do these things originate?

"Each of us is programmed to think that our thoughts are true. We can easily see if someone else's thoughts aren't true but we think all our thoughts are true and correct." - Gina Lake, 14:00, "A Talk by Gina Lake About Acceptance".

This is such a revolutionary, radical realisation, that it can change one's life. But you have to keep seeing it, realising it continuously, with each thought that pops up. A new umbrella of consciousness, a new envelope of consciousness, a new dimension has to come in, that holds this realisation in its awareness continuously, in the NOW.

Such a dimension, such an umbrella can certainly form, once the seed is sown. And now that you know all this, consider the seed sown. Come back to these words as often as you can and when you do that, it would be like watering and nourishing the seed we have sown in you.